Amazon Echo Review

When we compared Amazon Echo‘s sound quality with other wireless home speakers, the Echo performance was a little underwhelming. However, this speaker includes a couple of impressive innovations in the repertoire. Rather than being just a radio speaker, this product may serve as an electronic personal assistant that may lend a helping hands when yours are full. With smartphone integration and voice-command activation, the Amazon Echo has some awesome features.


The Echo connects to your house network via Wi-Fi. You will need to download the Amazon Alexa app in your smartphone and complete the setup instructions to get the Echo up and running. This whole process only takes a couple of minutes to complete. When the setup is completed, you can now start using the Amazon Echo.

The voice interaction with the Alexa is what sets this speaker aside from others within our selection. You activate the Echo by saying the wake word, “Alexa.” You will see a blue light illuminate which lets you know that Alexa is listening. For instance, you are able to ask Alexa, “What is the weather like today?” Alexa will reply to you by telling you the weather report for your location. You can also play some music from many different sources which are compatible with Echo.

The Echo’s volume is based on a scale from 1 to 10. For example, you can tell Alexa to lower the volume down to 3 and Alexa will promptly lower the volume. Alexa can multitask too, if you are listening to music and tell Alexa to set a timer, Alexa will pause the music, process your request and then continue the music.

Amazon Echo is fully incorporated with its mobile application, in the app you can see your entire request history and also add a to-do list, which Alexa will remind you of throughout the day. This is one of my favorite features, I love how well this feature works.


One of the things that Amazon needs to improve in the future is the sound quality, the current sound on the Echo does not impress me. Sure, the Echo is loud enough to fill up a small room but compared to other wireless speakers on the market, the sound quality could use work for the next release.

Another issue you need to bear in mind is its insufficient connectivity. Wifi and Bluetooth are the only two forms of connectivity, most other speakers also offer Aux and USB.

If you are looking for home smart speakers, Echo is one great option. Amazon Echo is futuristic, practical and smarter than ever before. The Amazon Echo is priced at $179.00.

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